Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guess what? You'll never believe it: Human Life begins at conception!

"Human development begins at fertilization when a male gamete or sperm (spermatozoon) unites with a female gamete or oocyte (ovum) to produce a single cell - a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marked the beginning of each of us as a unique individual."

-- from the book "The Developing Human"

"In other words, human life begins at conception. That is not a religious posture, but a scientific fact that the lowest paid laborer on the planet can assert without qualm. What we do with that understanding is another matter, but no one in the 21st century should pretend not to know when human life begins.

"On this matter at least, the church and science are in agreement."

-- Kathleen Parker ( of The Washington Post Writers' Group

(Photo: Pregnancy Week 1, the human egg. For fertilization to occur, sperm must penetrate its dense outer membrane.)

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