Wednesday, September 17, 2008

18,000 wounded: please act in solidarity with Catholics under attack in India

Please visit Catholic Online and sign the Catholic Action Solidarity petition.

In the state of Orissa alone, 45 have been killed, 5 are missing, and 18,000 have been wounded.

The whole Christian world watches, weeps and prays as virulently anti-Christian violence spreads in the Indian State of Orissa and now beyond. We honor the heroic virtue of Fr. Thomas Pandippally of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate, who watered the ground with his blood, martyred at the hands of what appear to be anti-Christian Hindu extremists. The violence is escalating. Armed bands of extremists torch Christian churches, rectories, convents, Christian hospitals and other Christian institutions and it is now spreading beyond the State of Orissa

Our Pledge
Our PLEDGE OF PRAYER,SACRIFICE, FASTING and SOLIDARITY for and with our persecuted Sisters and Brothers in the Church in India.

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