Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rabbi invited to speak at Synod perpetuates anti-Pope legends

"As you know, the absolute innovation of this Synod [of Bishops] is the presence of a rabbi, who yesterday afternoon spoke in congregation: it is the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Shear-Yashuv Cohen. The latter, in an intervention dedicated to the interpretation of Scripture according to the Jewish faith, attacked Iranian president Ahmadinejad. And, in the evening, interviewed by Phil Pullella, a Vaticanist for Reuters, said that the Church should not beatify Pius XII and that, had he known that Benedict XVI was about to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Pope Pacelli (with the Mass he will celebrate tomorrow at Saint Peter's), he would not even have come to the Synod. Apart from the fact that the date of the death of Pius XII is not exactly a Mossad secret, being found in every encyclopedia, apart from the fact that the fiftieth [anniversary] represents an important date, I find completely out of place that a Jewish exponent, invited to speak to the Catholic bishops, makes use of it to embarrass the Pope, most of all based on black legends."

-- From Andrea Tornielli's blog

(Photo: Reuters Pictures)

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Rufus said...

How much further can the Church of Rome fall? The presence of a Rabbi at the Synod is in itself grave apostacy.

It is outrageous that any non-Catholic, but especially a Jew, should feel he has the authority to comment on whether anyone should be beatified.

This anti-Pope, who was a key architect of Vatican II, is destroying the Church. He may be a Zionist, a Communist and a willling tool of the New Worlf Order, but one thing he is not, is a Catholic.