Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health Care Act: Incremental promotion of the "banality of evil"

JB of Wilmington, Delaware, wrote to say that she could not find mention of the elderly or disabled in USCCB statements about the Health Care Act:

"The Post had an interesting op-ed about how the House bill would pay doctors to give end of life counseling to seniors every 5 years. As a student of incrementalism, I can tell you that if this provision survived to become law, the next step would be to make it mandatory. Plus, the government would be providing the doctors with scripts. Care to guess what the scripts might say?

"Betsy McCaughey (former Lt Governor in NY, now heads an organization to build awareness about hospital deaths due to infections) had an interesting article on the risks of Obama care for the elderly in the Wall Street Journal. As a preview of things to come, she says that in Oregon, some cancer patients are being denied care by the state, and are afforded the benefit of physician-assisted suicide. Scary stuff. This is why people are angry. There will be countless opportunities via amendments to the law and regulations to push the culture of death inch by inch. First it's end of life counseling for seniors, then it will be mandatory prenatal testing & then counseling for pregnant women carrying a disabled child.

"Incrementalism is a powerful weapon in the culture of death - it helps promote the banality of evil that Hannah Arendt wrote of."

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