Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catholics believe in the grace of "Exodus" from homosexuality

Interview: Former Gay Youth Leader Re-Emerges to Tell His Dramatic Conversion Story

By Patrick B. Craine

November 11, 2009 ( - Two years ago Michael Glatze sent shockwaves through the homosexualist establishment when he declared publicly that he had left his life as a prominent homosexual activist, become Christian, and embraced "normal human sexuality."

However, after being subjected to intense criticism and ridicule following his conversion, Glatze decided to "go inside," "be silent," and "process" for a time, but now says he feels compelled to share his story anew. In an interview with (LSN), Glatze said that, far from reverting back to his old lifestyle (as many of his critics in the homosexual community said he would) he is "extremely happy, and able to have a very good, normal, healthy life."

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