Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Unwanted" pregnancies?

This is from an email I received recently:

"The conversion isn't necessary, what is necessary is better judgment and wisdom from the pro-lifer's. States once again overwhelmingly defeated propositions to overturn choice. What EVERY SINGLE person agrees on is the desire to reduce and eventually eliminate unwanted pregnancies and thereby...abortion.

"That is where the work for all of us together begins and where the victory over abortion can become manifest.

"The Church has almost always been a follower when it comes to social justice issues and this cause is no different.

"To the Church I and learn."

Aside from the obvious blindness to the Church's undisputed leadership in the pro-life cause, I wish to draw attention to the idea on the part of some that some pregnancies are "unwanted" and thus candidates for abortion.

A pregnancy may be "unwanted" but that does not mean one can justify ending the life which is the cause of the pregnancy. What happens when a pregnancy occurs is the one who acted to bring about the pregnancy is called to change their attitude from "not wanting" to "wanting".

This is the crux of the problem - some say they are also against abortion but use phrases like "unwanted pregnancies". You can't have it both ways. A pregnancy is a life. The decision has already been made and life has begun in pregnancy.

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