Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Conversion of Dr. David A. White

Dr. White converted to the Catholic Faith in 1979. He has won some 35 converts at the U.S. Naval Academy to the Catholic Faith.

"I was raised liberal Protestant...

"Occasionally I would go and sit through a Sunday morning worship ceremony in the bare church, not pay attention to the sermon, sing a few hymns and then go home. That was about it. This means that when I was seventeen and was free and went off to university, I just gave the whole thing up.

"I say in sorrow, by the way, that this is what I now see my Catholic students doing. Very often, when the young people leave home, as soon as they get away, they stop going to Church. I know that. That's what I did...because there is nothing there to hold on to and they know it. As a result they leave."

Thanks to Una Voce Chesapeake, Dr David's story is available here.

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