Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey, Nancy, Babies Stimulate the Economy, Not Contraceptives!

Bravo, John Boehner! Thank you for asking N. for a true economic stimulus - not contraceptives but a culture of life that welcomes babies!

As The Miami Herald reports, Mr. Boehner responded to the insanity of the "contraceptive Madam", Nancy Pelosi, by demanding that this anti-life and anti-family economic killer be taken out of the proposed economic stimulus package. It sounds like maybe N. was listening.

Thank you, Mr. Boehner, you are a "Friend of Life". You see, just like our Holy Father Benedict said, that "reason and religion go together", not the violence of the war on children, women and families being waged every day with the weapons of contraception and abortion.

Mrs. Pelosi, please put down the weapons with which you are attacking babies and women! Please put down the weapons of the cult of death and help us create the peace which welcomes every human life as sacred and worth defending! Please join us in the Culture of Life, and you, too, will live!

Prayers, please.


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