Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pope: Man is greater than his genetic makeup and physical perfection

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Man will always be greater than all that which makes up his body; in fact, he bears the power of thought, which is always directed toward the truth about himself and about the world." With these words, Benedict XVI has taken part in the discussion about the "New frontiers of genetics and the risk of eugenics" organized by the Pontifical Academy for Life and currently underway. Receiving the members of the Academy, on the occasion of their 15th General Assembly, he cautioned against a devastating new form of eugenics that discriminates "against the sick and disabled, or, even worse, goes so far as the selection and rejection of life in the name of an abstract ideal of health and physical perfection."

Receiving the members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Benedict XVI reaffirms the absolute value of the human person, against those who would like to use eugenics to eliminate all those who are sick or imperfect. It is necessary to fight "genetic reductionism," because man is greater than his physical body.

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