Monday, March 30, 2009

More lies spawned by the Father of Lies: there can be no "healthy" disagreement about the cult of death

The warmongers of the whited sepulchre "death juggernaut" have released the following thinly veiled attempt to paint a pretty picture over the brutal and ugly reality of the senseless and evil slaughter of the weakest and most vulnerable members of the richest and most spoiled society in the world:

"Notre Dame is one of the first universities (a certain person) will visit as (a certain national position of leadership) and he is honored to address the graduating class, their families and faculty of a school with such a rich history of fostering the exchange of ideas… While he is honored to have the support of millions of people of all faiths, including Catholics with their rich tradition of recognizing the dignity of people, he does not govern with the expectation that everyone sees eye to eye with him on every position. The spirit of debate and healthy disagreement on important issues is part of what he loves about this country."

Those most capable of a generous expression of hospitality are guilty of the greater sin in refusing to welcome the unborn so that those who already happen to be living may do as they please. Have we participated in the transformation that has led our country to becoming central command of a world war against the most vulnerable of human lives: the unborn child in the sanctity of her mother's womb? Has the premier Catholic university in the United States now signed on as a fawning minion in this evil cause?

Absolutely essential: respecting the office of the President and the human being who holds that office and is made in God's image and likeness.

Absolutely essential: respecting and cherishing every other human life for the same reasons.

Also absolutely essential: peaceful, respectful and non-violent protest.


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