Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One may never directly intend to take a life even for the sake of another life

Rino Fisichella only added to the confusing smoke of Satan by appearing to give Church approval to the Brazilian doctor or doctors who took the life of twin babies for the reason that they were a threat to the life of the nine-year-old mother. All the crimes in this case do not add up to support for committing another crime.

Saint Paul teaches, "One may never do evil that good may come of it." This is the revealed teaching of Christ. It cannot change. To will the killing of twin babies is an evil. The good of preserving the life of the nine-year-old mother cannot justify such an evil. Period. For these reasons the doctors in this case are excommunicated by the fact of their having committed the evil of abortion. Period.

Let us continue to pray that those in the Church who are able will do all in their power to act in such a way as to mitigate scandal and prevent such ocurrences in future.


For more on this story, read the Times Online.

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